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What are Letters Testamentary?

Understanding And Obtaining Letters Testamentary

After the loss of a family member or loved one, you may feel overwhelmed if you are the executor of their estate. One common question that people have when trying to obtain the proper documents is, “What are Letters Testamentary?” Learn what these letters do and how you can obtain the proper documents.

What Are Letters Testamentary?

Letters Testamentary also called a Letters of Administration, are documents that legally recognize a person as the personal representative, executor or administrator of an estate. The personal representative can initiate the process of obtaining the letters by submitting the deceased’s will, death certificate and an application for the letters to the probate court. The court will review the documents, and if approved, will then issue Letters Testamentary.

After receiving these letters, the personal representative can carry out their legal duties, including:

  • Accessing the deceased person’s bank accounts
  • Paying debts on behalf of the deceased person
  • Filing taxes returns for the deceased
  • Distributing a deceased person’s assets and property per the will instructions at the conclusion of the probate and as directed by the court.

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As an executor, you are legally required to settle all matters related to the estate. This includes paying taxes, paying debts, collecting assets and handling disputes with heirs and co-executors. Any mistake that you make may be your personal responsibility.

At Escobar & Associates Law Firm, Ltd., our Las Vegas lawyers helps estate executors, heirs and other parties navigate the complex world of estates and probate. Our attorney can guide you through the process of obtaining Letters Testamentary and help determine the best course of action for an estate. In some cases, an estate can avoid the expensive and time draining probate process.

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