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Understand The Right Guardianship Options

Helping You Understand The Right Guardianship Options

At Escobar & Associates Law Firm, Ltd., we understand how important it is to provide fully for someone you love. In certain situations, it is necessary to take legal steps to ensure you have the power to care for your child or your elderly relative.

Las Vegas attorney Christy Brad Escobar has 9 years of experience handling these and many other legal issues. He takes the necessary time to understand his clients’ needs and address them in the best way possible.

To speak with a lawyer who practices estate planning law with the sensitivity and personalization you need, call our Summerlin office at 702-789-1422.

Putting You In Control Over The Future

A guardianship in Nevada includes both “guardianship of the person” and “guardianship of the estate.” A guardianship of the person allows the legal guardian the ability to make legal decisions regarding schooling, medical care, religion and other aspects of day-to-day life. A guardianship of the estate relates to the financial aspects of a person’s life, from bank accounts to real estate and the running of a business.


At our law firm, we can help you understand which type of guardianship (or both) applies in your situation. We will bring your guardianship petition, assist in obtaining the necessary evidence and represent you throughout the guardianship process. In certain situations, we can also assist you in obtaining a temporary six-month guardianship that does not require court approval.

Addressing Contested Guardianships

When a guardianship is contested, we know exactly what steps must be taken to address the situation and find a proper resolution. Whether you are fighting a guardianship that someone is attempting to put in place for you, or whether you are seeking to be a guardian for someone else, reach out to our firm for assistance.

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