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Estate Planning

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Providing Comprehensive Estate Plans To Clients Throughout Las Vegas

Estate planning encompasses a broad range of issues, from basic wills to complex tax considerations and legacy planning. Putting the right plan in place can offer you and your family peace of mind.

When you are looking for a dedicated, patient and understanding lawyers for estate planning assistance, Escobar & Associates Law Firm, Ltd., located in the Las Vegas and Summerlin area, can help. For more than 30 years, attorneys at Escobar & Associates has been evaluating clients’ assets before creating comprehensive estate plans that address their unique needs and wishes.

Estate Planning Is For Everyone

Many people put off estate planning because they think that it is not necessary in their situation. If you have children or if you have any personal belongings, creating an estate plan is a necessity. Our Nevada law firm will analyze your situation and your wishes, and will then determine which estate planning tool or tools will meet your goals. Some of the services that we offer include:

  1. Helping you and your family determine the right asset management strategy to pass along property
  2. Drafting any of the necessary documents to carry out your plan, including wills and trusts
  3. Discussing the health care that you should receive if you become incapacitated
  4. Discussing who should handle your assets if you are incapacitated or not able to handle your own affairs.

Not only does an estate plan help you get your assets in order, but it also helps to lay out your wishes for your loved ones to follow after you pass away. Our attorneys takes the time to get to know you, your wishes and your goals. From your first in-depth interview to follow-up meetings, he will always focus on your needs and desires and will work to ensure he is creating the right plan for you.


In special situations, such as those involving blended families or extreme wealth, we will discuss any conflict concerns or tax implications involved with certain estate planning tools. We will also stay connected with you as life goes on, so we can adjust your plan whenever necessary.

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If you are looking for attorneys who have your best interests in mind and who will take the time to understand you and your family, contact us. In your initial consultation, we will answer your questions and discuss costs. In certain situations, flat fees may be available.

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