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January 2017
Many people in Nevada and other states draft wills and create various estate planning tools before they become senior citizens in order to prepare for worst-case scenarios and emergency situations. This is a smart move, but it may not be enough when unexpected events occur. An individual should add certain clauses to his or her...
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There are some common errors that people make with their estate plans. Even wealthy celebrities make mistakes with estate planning, and some of their stories offer good lessons about what Nevada residents should avoid doing. Some testators make mistakes when they are preparing their wills. Florence Griffith Joyner had a will, but she failed to...
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When Nevada residents are thinking about the estate planning process, they may want to create documents that can deal with their financial assets and who they should be distributed to. Some people also want to pass on their values to benefit future generations of their family as well. There are documents for each of these...
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